Château Batailley

Château Batailley (5. Cru) ligger i Pauillac og er familierne Castéja og Borie-Manoux’s flagskib.

Slottets 57 ha vinmarker er beplantet med 70 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 25 % Merlot, 3 % Cabernet Franc og 2 % Petit Verdot. Vinstokkene er 40 år i gennemsnit.

Château Batailley is an intensive typical Pauillac, with Cassis and very good structure. Very stable quality across the vintages due to the very old Wines.

It is one of the oldest estates in the Médoc. Château Batailley, Grand Cru Classé 1855, is Borie-Manoux’s and the Castéja-family’s flagship. The name comes from the battle (bataille) that took place there during the 100-years war in 1453. During this battle, the French re-conquered the neighbouring Château Latour and fought back the English troops to the Northern-Eastern side of the Gironde river, a crucial point for ending the 300-year long reign of the English in Aquitaine. In the 16th century, the first vines were planted on these historical and blood-soaked grounds. Château Batailley’s 5 ha park was designed by Barillet-Deschamps, Napoleon III’s park architect, in 1850. In 1855 Napoleon III created the classification for the Paris World exhibition, and Batailley was made Grand Cru Classé, amongst the 60 top Estates of the Left Bank of Bordeaux.

Ønolog Denis Dubourdieu


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