Château Beauregard

Château Beauregard ligger i det sydlige Pomerol og anses for at være et af områdets bedste slotte. Slottet kan dateres tilbage til det sene 1700-tal.

Der produceres vin på 17,5 ha, hvoraf der årligt frembringes 50.000-65.000 flasker af 1. vinen Château Beauregard og 25.000-35.000 flasker af 2. vinen (Le) Benjamin de Beauregard. Slottet producerer også vinen Château Pavillon Beauregard, der er en Lalande de Pomerol-appellation.

Familierne Moulin og Cathiard ejer også to andre Bordeaux-huse, Château Bastor-Lamontagne i Sauternes og Château Saint-Robert i Graves.

Another estate owned by the Moulin and Cathiard families, Château Pavillon Beauregard, has benefited from the renovations at Château Beauregard. It has been vinified in the same vat cellar in Pomerol since 2015. The estate, located at Néac, a commune adjacent to Pomerol, carries the Lalande de Pomerol appellation and covers 12 hectares on a clay-gravel plateau containing a hardpan subsoil. The grape composition is 75 % Merlot and 25 % Cabernet Franc.

Château Beauregard has made its name over the last several decades not only through the majesty of its location but also thanks to beautifully fresh and elegant wines. Our clay-gravel terroir requires very special care to enable it to express itself in our wines. Our philosophy is therefore to work towards enhancing the wine’s expression in a very humble and rigorous way. This is why we decided in 2009 to grow our vines organically and then vinify the grapes according to strict organic rules. This choice was supported by the new owners, who are very sensitive to environmental concerns and to consumer expectation. This philosophy, which demands firm commitment and requires human and material means, is bearing fruit. Results have lived up to expectations. The wines have gained in purity, freshness and ageing potential. Our new technical facilities will allow us in the future to enhance still more those essential qualities that make a wine a grand cru. Greater volume and length on the palate will show through in the wine, as a result.

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