Château Taillefer

Château Taillefer ligger i Pomerol. Ejendommen blev i 1923 overtaget af familien Moueix. Siden da har arvingerne efter Bernard Moueix varetaget driften. 
Claire Moueix, der er 5. generation, overtog ejendommen i 2013.

Navnet Taillefer betyder "jernet slides" og henviser til plovens jern, som blev slidt i de jernholdige marker, der ligger på Pomerol-plateauets sydlige side. Slottets 12 ha er tilplantet med 85 % Merlot og 15 % Cabernet Franc.

In 1923, when Antoine Moueix decided to acquire Château Taillefer, he knew full well what he was doing. As a Bordeaux wine merchant, he knew the history of Chateau Taillefer and the potential of its terroir. Farmer from father to son, he possessed the "intelligence" of the soils. Historic property in Pomerol, Château Taillefer is one of the crus that were accounted for on the map of France established in 1776 by the geographer of Louis XV. And, since the Napoleonic land register where Château Taillefer, its cellars and its plots were described with the utmost precision, all has been preciously conserved for over two centuries. Located on the plateau of Pomerol, the vineyard is all around the Château. The 12 hectares of merlot and cabernet franc of Château Taillefer are fully expressed on this unique terroir. With this surface, Château Taillefer is one of the twenty largest Pomerol properties, a small island of only 800 Hectares. The famous iron deposits, characteristic of the terroir of Pomerol, those are at the origin of the name of Taillefer. They impart complexity to the wine together with minerality and aromas of truffles and violets. It was recounted by elders that the plow "toils the iron" from having lifted and turned over countless amounts of iron oxide in the vineyards of Taillefer. In 2016 obtaining environmental certification HVE2 norm ISO 14001.

Claire & Antoine Moueix

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