Château Clos de Sarpe

Château Clos de Sarpe (Grand Cru) ligger i Saint Christophe des Bardes, Saint Émilion, Bordeaux.

1. vinen hedder Château Clos de Sarpe Grand Cru og 2. vinen Charles de Sarpe.

Château Clos de Sarpe was purchased in 1923 from Baron Dufoussat de Bogeron by Jean-Guy Beyney's grandfather M. Jean Beyney, who was in charge until 1950. Then, his father M. Yvan Beyney from 1950 to 1984, and Jean-Guy Beyney from 1986 to nowadays. Château Clos de Sarpe have been promoted Grand Cru Classé de Saint Emilion in 2012. Jean-Guy Beyney makes himself the vinification, worried of running at best this noble soil in the pure respect of the traditions. This vineyard of 3ha70 among which 1/3 of the vines have between 22 and 45 years and 2/3 between 65 and 85 years even more, is located on the municipality of Saint Christophe des Bardes. Implanted on the clay and limestone hillside, all in one piece, magnificently exposed on South / South East "Plateau of Sarpe". The ground is rich, melt with rocks, with an 50 cm undercoat of iron filth, above a deep limestone rocks. Grape Variety: 85 % Merlot 15 % Cabernet Franc. The estate creates wine that is excellent at any age. Balance is they key word in our production that is based on respecting the soil and its values. The vineyard is managed according to the greatest traditions of Bordeaux Grand Crus. The savoir-faire of three generations of wine-making tradition has given Château Clos de Sarpe’s wines a very distinctive identity that is the privilege of the very best. Grown on soil whose nobility has been endorsed by time, the small vineyard is treated like a garden and worked with continuous respect for nature. This approach is continued in the winery, where natural vinification is slow, governed by time alone.
Winemaker Jean-Guy Beyney. Consultant Laboratoire Michel Rolland.

Winemaker Jean-Guy Beyney

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