Château Grand Corbin

Château Grand Corbin (Grand Cru) ligger i Saint ÉmilionBordeaux.

1. vinen hedder Château Grand Corbin Grand Cru og 2. vinen Les Charmes de Grand Corbin.

Mere historie.

Château Grand Corbin, the Giraud family property for 50 years, is today owned by SMABTP Group (31 December 2010). From this date the group has constantly wished the reunification of the shared terroir of Corbin. The historical district of Corbin is located to the Northwest of the plateau of Saint Émilion, next to Pomerol. With inheritances, the ancient domain was shared, creating six different properties sharing Corbin part name. With the 2012 vintage, Château Haut-Corbin and Grand Corbin renew with their past by merging under the name of Grand Corbin. This union has been possible
thanks to the last classification of Saint Émilion. Château Le Jurat territories were also added to the new union.

Hubert de Boüard

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