Château Fourcas Hosten

Château Fourcas Hosten ligger i Listrac-Médoc.

Huset producerer de røde vine Château Fourcas Hosten og Les Cèdres d’Hosten samt hvidvinen Le Blanc de Fourcas Hosten.

Imagine vines as far as you can see, framed by the quiet charm of Listrac-Médoc’s Romanesque church and a three-hectare (seven and a half – acre) park filled with trees, some of which are more than a hundred years old. Here, the history of Château Fourcas Hosten has been shaped by a succession of generations, each avid to contribute to the estate’s reputation. Reaching for the future, it continuously reinvents itself.

Ønolog Eric Boissenot

La cave

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