Château Tour des Termes

Château Tour des Termes (Cru Bourgeois) ligger i Saint Estèphe, Bordeaux.

Slottet producerer 1. vinen Château Tour des Termes Cru Bourgeois og 2. vinen Préface de Tour des termes.

Slottet producerer også en "lillebror" til Château Tour des Termes Cru Bourgeois: Château Saint-Corbian Cuvée Tradition.
The Cuvée Tradition has been selected among the best plots, entirely aged in barrels, 50 % of which new. This cru bears the name of the village it is situated in Saint-Corbian, a hamlet part of Saint Estèphe municipality. Château Saint-Corbian Cuvée Tradition is as meticulously taken care of as its elder brother Château Tour des Termes.

Slottet producerer også en tredje Saint Estèphe-appellation, Château Haut Baradieu, samt en en Haut Médoc-appellation Château Comtesse du Parc (benefitting from the same care as the Château Tour des Termes, grown on a chalky-clay soil, this 9 ha vineyard is made of half Merlot and half Cabernet Sauvignon).

Slottets 15 ha er tilplantet med 60 % Merlot, 30 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 5 % Cabernet Franc og 5 % Petit Verdot. Vinstokkenens gennemsnitsalder er 35 år.

Soil: 2/3 gravel and 1/3 chalky-clay.

The name of Château Tour des Termes came from an old tower located on one of the plots called "Termes". The discovery of boat moorings around this tower, dating back to the Gallo-Roman era, leads us to think that it was possibly a lighthouse at the time, and would have been the entrance to a pre port of the roman city of Brion. Termes would mean "end of the land". But most of all, Tour des Termes is the story of an old "médocaine" farm, past down generations, establishing what the estate is today. In 1678, old parchments were found mentioning a certain Mr. Anney, a labourer settled near the village of Potensac. In 1876, his great grandson became a winegrower in Saint Estèphe, and from generation to generation the estate grew. In 1938, Pierre Anney bought Château Tour des Termes with the old tower and a beautiful old farm in Saint-Corbian. There, he settled permanently to produce his wine under the name of Tour des Termes. In 1979, his son Jean and grandson Christophe continued the family tradition by developing the vineyard and investing in building work and equipment. A major effort was put in to plot selection, making Château Tour des Termes one of the best Crus Bourgeois of the Appellation.

Ønolog Eric Boissenot

5 generationer af familien Anney

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