Maison Schröder & Schÿler

Maison Schröder & Schÿler pours all its creativity and the style of the company into not only its own brands but also into bespoke brands created in partnership with its clients.

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The House of Schröder & Schÿler is rich with a captivating story in which great events of the past are recounted through small anecdotes. Schröder and Schÿler are supplied by the owners of the Grands Crus through subscription contracts, thus enabling them to ensure the quality of the consignments and the regularity of purchases in barrels. It is the merchant’s responsibility to age the wine in barrels and then to bottle it. This brings an additional signature to the vintage, a mark of the merchant’s style. The merchant who ages and distributes these Grands Crus therefore is as important for the customers as the Château itself.

Yann Schÿler

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