Domaine Voarick (Domaines Famille Picard)

Domaine Voarick i Mercurey, Côte Chalonnaise i Bourgogne blev overtaget af Domaines Famille Picard i 1991.

Juicily charming and flowingly elegant wines

Taken over by the Picard family in 1991, the Voarick estate is particularly notable for its size. No less than 68 ha of vines are actually vinified in the estate's new wine cellars, which were completely renovated between 2018 and 2020. Practically all of the vineyard is established near to the winery, between Saint-Martin-sous-Montaigu and Mercurey. It would, however, be inappropriate to imagine finding a large wine-growing operation here. The "vigneron" approach, from vinification and maturation to bottling, is demanding due to the necessary block-by-block work and the size. They are lucky to have many blocks under the Mercurey appellation, the soils and subsoils of which can vary significantly. This natural diversity, compounded by environmentally-friendly vine management, allows us to develop wines of different aromatic and tannic complexities. The same philosophy applies to the estate's other appellations, in the neighbouring village of Givry. Charm, body, accessibility and precision characterise the Voarick estate wines.

Saftige, charmerende, elegante vine

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