Château Couhins

Château Couhins ligger i kommunen Villenave d'Ornon i Pessac-Léognan.
Slottets hvide vine er Grand Cru-klassificeret i Pessac-Léognan-appelationen (Graves).

På de 22 ha vinmarker produceres der årligt godt 700 kasser af den klassificerede hvidvin Château Couhins og ca. 3.000 kasser af deres røde Grand Vin Château Couhins. Desuden producerer slottet 2. vinene La Dame de Couhins, Couhins la Gravette og Le Moulin de Couhins i både rød og hvid.

Slottet er AFAQ ISO 14001 Environnement-certificeret.

Slottes historie kan dateres tilbage til 1700-tallet.

The role of the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), a public agency and the château's current owner, is to conduct research into the development of competitive, sustainable agriculture. It was in this context that the Institute acquired Couhins in 1968, as an experimental site. Château Couhins ("Confins" or "Border" in old Gascon) takes its name from its geographical position on the border of the old Comté d'Ornon, marked by a stream called the Eau Blanche. It was that in the 1955 classification (this classification was approved in 1959), that Château Couhins was promoted to "Cru Classé de Graves" status. La Dame de Couhins, Château Couhins' second wine, is made in the same way as the first wine. This wine benefits from the same quality standards as the Grand Vin, both in the vineyard and in the winery. A shorter maturing period enables it to express its fruity, supple character at an early age.

Ønolog Denis Dubourdieu

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