Château Marsac Séguineau

Château Marsac Séguineau ligger på Marsac-plateauet i Margaux og er nabo til Château La Tour de Mons.

1. vinen hedder Château Marsac Séguineau.

Slottets 10 ha vinmarker er beplantet med 65 % Merlot, 23 % Cabernet Sauvignon og 12 % Cabernet Franc.

This single block vineyard is located in the northern part of the Margaux appellation, on the banks of the Garonne, as the best Médoc Crus. The superb vineyard of Château Marsac Séguineau covers Margaux 10 ha in the heart of the Marsac plateau, famed for its quality since the 18th century. It is surrounded by prestigious neighbours from the Margaux Appellation. The crown represented on the label belongs to the "Comte de Robien", past owner of the château, who gathered several estates in 1886 to create the vineyard we know today. He did not change the name of the Cru, as was the tradition, thinking "Marsac Séguineau" sounded better. In the 6th edition of the "Ferret" in 1893, the Château Marsac Séguineau is mentioned for the first time, classified as a "Bourgeois Supérieur". Since 2001, the Château Marsac Séguineau and the neighbouring Château La Tour de Mons have both belonged to the same group CA Grands Crus. They thus share management and technical investments. Produced with the same care and attention as its neighbour, Château Marsac Séguineau is an expressive wine, powerful and elegant, typical of the best Margaux estates.

10 ha vinmarker

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